Should You Use a Keyboard Cover for Your iPad?

Should You Use a Keyboard Cover for Your iPad?

If you use your iPad for productivity work, you may be debating whether adding a keyboard cover is worthwhile. While external keyboards can certainly be useful, they also come with some downsides. Here’s an overview of the key advantages and disadvantages to help inform your decision:

Advantages of a Keyboard Cover

  • Provides physical keys for faster, more comfortable typing than the on-screen keyboard
  • Allows for proper keyboard shortcuts and key combinations
  • Useful for typing-heavy tasks like writing documents and coding
  • Keys are backlit for visibility in low light
  • Integrated design keeps keyboard protected when not in use
  • Some options add extra functionality like a trackpad

Disadvantages of a Keyboard Cover

  • Can significantly increase cost of iPad
  • Adds bulk and weight, impacting portability
  • Requires charging/battery management
  • Can interfere with use cases like drawing with Apple Pencil
  • Typing experience is not equivalent to a true laptop keyboard
  • Limited options for adjusting screen angle
  • Can make iPad feel cumbersome for casual use

Weigh whether the productivity perks of a physical keyboard justify the cost and form factor tradeoffs. An external Bluetooth keyboard can provide middle ground. But for frequent typists, a cover offers convenient integration.

here are some common keyboards available out there

  • Apple Smart Keyboard Folio - This integrated keyboard case designed specifically for iPad Pro and iPad Air offers a slim, lightweight full protection solution. The fabric keyboard provides a responsive, comfortable typing experience. While expensive at $179-$199, it seamlessly pairs and instantly connects without needing charging. It lacks back protection when folded though.


  • Apple Magic Keyboard - At $299-$349, this is Apple’s premium keyboard for iPad Pro and iPad Air. The signature feature is the floating cantilever design that lets you adjust viewing angles smoothly. The high-quality backlit keys feel great to type on. And it finally adds a trackpad, enabling full cursor support. Just be prepared to pay a premium.


  • Logitech Slim Folio Pro - For iPad Pro owners wanting a more affordable alternative to Apple’s options, the Slim Folio Pro gives a nearly identical experience at just $119. The keyboard latches firmly and features well-spaced, backlit keys. Extra perks include iPad charging passthrough and three modes of case positioning.


  • Zagg Slim Book Go - With its faux leather exterior, this $99 keyboard case offers iPad Pro and Air owners stellar value. Three use modes, backlighting, and device charging support make it highly versatile. The keys themselves have great tactility and travel. Just expect a bit more bulk than pricier competitors. 


Numerous other models are accessible, yet we chose to concentrate on these as they showcase a range of keyboards, from the priciest to the most budget-friendly option.


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